Angela and Friends - Ventriloquist engages our audiences with a whole cast of puppet friends!

Angela is a character driven ventriloquist who has harbored a love for puppets and making them talk since she was a young girl.This fascination has grown and developed and finally materialized when she decided to teach herself the art of ventriloquism over twenty years ago. Angela is a gifted performer, theatrical coach, producer, director, former teacher, and children's author.
    She graduated from Missouri State University, Springfield, noted for its theater program. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in Speech and Drama (with an emphasis in theater). To add to her performance credentials Angela studied Oral Interpretation and Readers Theater from Dr. Leslie Irene Coger, who along with Dr. Melvin White, invented and wrote the definitive text on modern readers theater. 
    Today she is thrilled to surround herself with an array of professional puppets, as well as a trunk full of surprises. Partnered with her husband, Gary, who serves as Angela and Friends Business Manager and Technical Director as well as Angela's personal manager, they work and travel together. 
    The focus of Angela's performing style is centered on personality centered  characters who see the world from each of their unique perspectives. And always the show is never far from observing the world in which you and I live in a hilarious and unique way!
This is Angela's first ventriloquist partner, Faleshea, no longer used in shows. She is retired but remains a most loved family puppet. She was named after a real cat who lived in the public library. (pronounced: Felicia)
This gregarious, fun loving, inquisitive, and lively puppy brings joy and love wherever she goes. She loves people and brings her unique and youthful perspective to everyone and everything!

This belle from Dixie is all about hair, makeup and shopping. Along with her antebellum views she tends to carry a sharp tongue, and to add to her charm she adds the uncanny ability to yodel.

This old guy has the wisdom of the years. He's a little on the 'edgy' side, but he's still cagey  offering a sharp take on the world around him. 

R.K. is, well, R.K. He is slow and easy, and, given time will give you his take on things. Just relax because with him the ride will be at his speed!

This lovable little guy has been in our house for a quite a while. However he is so shy he could never take the stage. But everyone in our brood does their part, so Zekee has taken on the task of greeting and visiting with audience members  after the show!

Sassy and Bossy is the general disposition of our resident producer of nursery rhymes. She is busily 'mothering' the 'brood' keeping everyone in line, but often pushing her own 'line.'
This sweet little guy tries real hard not to be anxious or to worry, but he can be tenative about things. And he often worries that his 'sweetness' extends to his aroma as well.